The 2023 International Future Leaders Development Conference for the Hotel Industry was successfully held at BHI.

Recently, the 2023 Future Hoteliers Summit (FHS) was grandly inaugurated at BHI . The theme of this conference was 'Service Literacy, Fusion of We.' The conference consisted of four segments: keynote speeches, debates, roundtable discussions, and the ultimate challenge, all independently planned and organized by students of BHI . With ten successful editions behind it, this year marks the eleventh, enjoying significant influence among young talents in the hotel and broader service industry. The ultimate challenge in this conference saw the participation of 58 students from 26 global institutions.



Mr. Ding Lianpu, Director of the Mechanism Work Division of the Center for China and Foreign Cultural Exchange under the Ministry of Education, delivered a speech.

Ding Lianpu first extended warm congratulations on behalf of the Center for China and Foreign Cultural Exchange under the Ministry of Education (CCIPE) for the successful convening of the conference! He sincerely welcomed the guests and participants, expressing deep respect for the efforts made by BHI in organizing the event.

Ding Lianpu pointed out, "Tourism, hotels, and the broader service industry are crucial fields for cultural exchange between China and foreign countries. Professionals in these industries have the opportunity to appear in various international settings. How to provide excellent basic services while also allowing friends from different countries to understand China and become friends of China through our services and exchanges is a worthy research topic for our industry's talent development. To promote innovative development in 'cultural tourism + industry integration + cultural exchange,' and harness the role of the hotel and service industry in facilitating mutual understanding between China and other countries, the Center for China and Foreign Cultural Exchange and BHI collaborated in 2021 to establish the 'Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Research Institute and Talent Development Base for the Hotel and Service Industry.' This initiative aims to support the fundamental mission of cultivating individuals with integrity and contribute to fostering talents in the hotel and service industry who possess a sense of patriotism, an international perspective, high-level professional skills, good humanistic qualities, and the ability to engage in cultural exchanges.

The conference provides a direct platform for future professionals in the international hotel and service industry and contemporary industry elites to engage in dialogue and exchange. It offers valuable opportunities and makes a positive contribution to cultivating ambassadors in the hotel and service industry who promote international mutual understanding.

As a specialized institution serving international cultural exchange, the Center for China and Foreign Cultural Exchange under the Ministry of Education is willing to work together with everyone to contribute to promoting international cultural exchange and supporting the construction of a human community with a shared future.

05.jpgSpeech by Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI

Gao Songtao, on behalf of BHI, warmly welcomed the guests, participating institutions, and students. He expressed gratitude to the China and Foreign Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education, sponsors, and media for their guidance and support in organizing the event.

"The Future Hoteliers Summit (FHS) is an event entirely planned and organized by BHI students. After a decade of development, FHS has become a brand of BHI, showcasing the youthfulness of hotel industry students to the world. It serves as a platform for communication and exchange between hotel management students nationwide and worldwide, as well as between students and the industry. The conference is also a classroom for BHI students, where they continuously inherit and innovate under the guidance of their teachers," said Gao Songtao. He introduced BHI's philosophy of "learning by doing" and encouraged students to learn and grow through making mistakes. He concluded by welcoming feedback and suggestions from the attendees to improve the event further.“

Gao Songtao introduced the theme of the conference, "Service Literacy, Fusion with We," emphasizing the creation of value through service. He expressed the hope that the global future elites in the hotel industry attending the conference would understand the significance of service and develop a strong service consciousness. Gao Songtao mentioned that a series of activities were designed to inspire participants to think, communicate, and exchange ideas, wishing everyone a rewarding and enjoyable time at the event.


Yu Jie, a student from the 2020 cohort at BHI and the overall organizer of FHS.

As the Chief Organizer of this conference, Yu Jie, a 2020 student from BHI, extends a warm welcome to all the guests and participants from various institutions. Yu Jie briefly introduced the development and original intention of the forum, expressing the noble vision of providing support for the innovation and development of the hotel industry.

FHS 2023  Keynote Speech

07.jpg "Innovation Leading the Future of the Hotel Industry: Reshaping Products and Services"
08.jpg "Good Service Equals Good Life: The Underlying Logic of Hotel Service"
09.jpg11.jpgFHS 2023 / Debate ———— "Do Young People Need 'Traditional' Hotel Services?"

13.jpgFHS 2023 Roundtable Discussion ———— "Adapting Hotel Services to the New Demands of Generation Z Guests"

Tea Break

During the conference, the teaching hotel faculty and practical students from the Sino-Swiss Hotel Management School prepared a rich variety of refreshments for the guests. Additionally, special student organizations, such as the Hanfu Society, Dec Coffee Society, Tea Art Society, Qianlai Folk Music Band, and Western Music Band, were invited to showcase traditional incense making, hand-drip coffee brewing, tea ceremony, and musical performances during the break.

15.png16.png17.jpg18.jpgFHS Participating Universities Faculty Roundtable Meeting

During this conference, a faculty roundtable meeting was also organized. Teachers at the meeting reviewed and summarized the overall situation of the conference. They exchanged experiences in academic management and teaching, providing valuable insights.19.png20.png

The FHS2023 Ultimate Challenge Competition

After thorough preparation, students from 26 global institutions were randomly organized into 12 groups. They were given a challenge by the Beijing New World Trade Center Hotel: how to make young people "stay" at the New World Trade Center. The students then worked on designing innovative solutions.


Award Ceremony


Vice President Zhang Huailin of BHI announced the list of winners and delivered a concluding speech.

The 2023 Future Hoteliers Summit has come to a successful conclusion, and we would like to express our sincere thanks to the guests from the tourism and hotel industry for their strong support for this event. The future development of the hotel industry relies on collaboration and diversification. Guests from different backgrounds and fields brought unique perspectives and ways of thinking. It is the power of such collaboration that enables us to better face the challenges and competition of the future. We hope to apply the insights and solutions discussed in the forum to our practical work. Constant innovation and progress will lead us to become the future leaders of the hotel industry. Wishing all students continuous learning, smooth work, physical and mental health, and robust growth! Looking forward to gathering again next year. Thank you all!


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