BHI Student Art Group Custom Rock Band and Kindling Rap Group lit up the Marriott Annual Conference, thrilling the entire audience!

BHI Students, Shine!


On December 11th, 2023, the Northern Region Manager Annual Conference of Marriott International Group's 2023 "Marriott Gravity Tour" was held at the Marriott Resort Hotel in Qinhuangdao. Eight students from the BHI Art Troupe, including the Custom Rock Band and Kindling Rap Group, were invited to attend and delivered splendid performances, receiving unanimous praise and acclaim from Marriott's Chief Human Resources Officer for Greater China and other attendees.

List of Performers and Performances:

BHI Art Troupe Custom Rock Band

Lead Vocals: Guo Ruihang, Tao Lu

Lead Guitar: Guo Ruihang, Wang Yuzhe

Rhythm Guitar: Tao Lu

Drums: Zhang Yulin

Bass: Hu Jiarong

Performance Songs: Dreaming of the Seaside + Really Love You

BHI Art Troupe Kindling Rap Group

Rapper: Han Jiayue

Vocal: Zhou Miao

Performance Songs: Ophelia + takecare (Marriott Special Edition)

BHI vs. Marriott Group

As a long-term strategic partner of the Beijing Hospitality Institute, Marriott International Group recruits a large number of interns and graduates from the BHI every year, cultivating them into management talents for its hotels. Marriott highly recognizes the educational philosophy of the BHI and greatly appreciates the artistic literacy of its students.

Invitation and Performance Preparation

The Internship Employment Guidance Center BHI received the invitation one month prior and immediately communicated with the Student Development and Service Center and faculty advisors according to the requirements. An outstanding performance team and students were selected. After multiple communications, the performance repertoire and format were confirmed. Despite tight schedules and heavy tasks, participating students dedicated their spare time to rigorous rehearsals and arrived early for rehearsals on-site. Eventually, they won unanimous praise and applause from the audience, showcasing the professional artistic literacy of BHI students.



After the performance, Marriott Group officials sent feedback to BHI teachers, highly praising the splendid performance of BHI students and expressing gratitude for their contributions to Marriott Group events.

BHI advocate that every student should cultivate an interest, engage in a sport, work hard, play harder, and always prioritize physical and mental health. Through activities like the 5H (Work Hard, Play Harder, Health, Happiness, and Harmony) and diverse student interest groups, students are encouraged to actively develop hobbies and interests, continuously professionalize them, and lay the foundation for enhancing their competitiveness and social skills in the workplace. The unanimous praise received by BHI students in this performance is the result of their daily accumulation and the policies and philosophies of the school that encourage students' comprehensive development and support their pursuit of hobbies and interests. BHI always prioritize education, and the success of students is a successful case of practicing the school's educational philosophy. Students' ability to freely express their youth on the stage of Marriott Group is inseparable from the broad development platform provided by BHI for students. In the future, BHI will continue to strengthen cooperation with partners, cultivate students' professional literacy and skills, and provide students with broader development space and more opportunities to showcase themselves."

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