His Excellency Arthur Williams, Ambassador of Jamaica to China, and his wife visit Beijing Hospitality Institute


The Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) warmly welcomed His Excellency Arthur Williams, the Ambassador of Jamaica to China, and Mrs. Bernard Williams on their official visit on December 4, 2023. During the visit, the Ambassador and his wife were guided by faculty and students to tour the college's teaching facilities and engage in cultural exchanges with faculty and students.

Arrival and Welcome Ceremony

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Dr. Gao Songtao, the President of BHI, along with Mr. Xu Longyang, the Dean of Academic Affairs, Mr. Guo Ruihuan, the Minister of Career Development, and Mr. Sun Qiao, the Minister of Enrollment Affairs, warmly welcomed the guests upon their arrival.

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After arriving on campus, the Ambassador and his wife were guided by faculty members Yu Tao and Sheli Rong, as well as student volunteers Zhou Mengqian and Li Ruiqi, to tour the campus. Along the way, faculty and students introduced the guests to the institute's successful cases and measures in teaching, internships, student activities, and international exchanges.

Showcase of Special Interest Clubs and Interaction

Upon entering the teaching hotel, students from the Yang Qin Hanfu Club dressed in Hanfu attire, performed traditional Han ceremonies, and presented folding fans and sachets to the guests, expressing their welcome and blessings to the Ambassador and his wife. Students from the Tea Appreciation Club brewed Chinese tea on-site and invited the guests to taste and appreciate Chinese tea culture.

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The students from the Hanfu Society presented gifts to the Ambassador and his wife and took a group photo with them.

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The students from the Tea Appreciation Club showcased Chinese tea culture to the Ambassador and his wife.

Discussion and Exchange

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Dr. Gao Songtao and relevant officials from the institute held talks with the Ambassador and his wife, along with translator Ms. Song Chenchen. Dr. Gao introduced the development history of BHI and its contributions to the hotel industry. He emphasized the institute's commitment to cooperation with top international hotel management universities, building a unique international teaching model, and cultivating international talents in hotel management and the broader service industry with professionalism, expertise, innovation, and social responsibility.

The Ambassador first expressed gratitude to Dr. Gao Songtao and the warm reception from the faculty and students of BHI. He remarked that the visit left them with a profound and positive impression, experiencing the unique charm of BHI students. The students showcased the institute's distinctive cultural heritage through elements such as the guzheng (Chinese zither) and Hanfu clothing. The students' professionalism and skills left a deep impression, particularly their professional service performance, giving him confidence that BHI students will excel in their future careers. He believes that the faculty and students of BHI will become important bridges for friendly cooperation between China and Jamaica, contributing more to cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries.

Visit to Specialized Practical Teaching Facilities and Experience of Featured Courses

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Tasting a soy latte with a rich aroma

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Experience making Chinese dumplings, a traditional dish

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Sampling specialty desserts at the Western bakery

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Visiting the Rui Kang Care Center

Interview and Blessings

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Before concluding the visit, students from the BHI Press Corps interviewed the Ambassador and his wife. The Ambassador and his wife shared profound insights and advice on choosing hotel management as a career, encouraging students to pursue their dreams with enthusiasm and positivity. They also invited the students to visit Jamaica sometime to experience the local culture and customs.

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Your institution is equipping you to know you and to know the world.

Grasp the opportunity with both hands and be the best you can be, so that future BHI students will be proud of you. Know you, know the world!!!

The visit of His Excellency Arthur Williams, Ambassador of Jamaica to China, to Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) has far-reaching and important significance.

It is not only a concrete manifestation of the friendly relations between China and Jamaica, but also has a positive impact on the internationalization of education and cultural diversity of BHI.

It is also of positive significance for cultivating students' global vision and cross-cultural communication ability, and it will promote the influence of the college in the field of international hotel management and provide students with broader development space.

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