China Tourism Hotel Association Praises BHIers

Recently, Dr. Gao Songtao, Dean of Beijing Hospitality Institute, received a thank-you letter from the China Tourism Hotel Association.

In the letter, the China Tourism Hotel Association highly praised the outstanding performance of BHI students during their internship at the association, highly praised BHI's talent training model, and expressed gratitude for BHI's continuous contribution to the industry of high-quality talents.

(The following is the original text of the thank-you letter)


The China Tourism Hotel Association has a close cooperative relationship with Beijing Hospitality Institute and has given strong support and guidance to BHI's work and teaching. As the secretary-general unit of the Human Resources Branch of the China Tourism Hotel Association, its branch institution, BHI has conscientiously done a good job of the daily work of the branch.

In particular, after the Secretariat was set up in the BHI Internship and Employment Guidance Center, under the leadership of Professor Guo Ruihuan, Secretary-General of the Human Resources Branch and Director of the Business Development Department of Beijing Hospitality Institute, and the joint efforts of Shi Jingying, Director of the Internship and Employment Guidance Center, and Teacher Yan Zhimei, the branch actively developed members by relying on BHI's high-quality internship and employment platform. The number of member units has increased significantly.

Actively interact with member units, hold various job fairs, special meetings, sommelier competitions and other special activities, which have been well received by member units and the China Tourism Hotel Association. The Human Resources Branch was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Branch Institution of the Year 2023" by the Association.


The Internship and Employment Committee of Beijing Hospitality Institute, in conjunction with the Teaching Affairs Department, the Student Affairs Department and other departments of the college, continuously sends outstanding talents to the industry. Interns are sent to the China Tourism Hotel Association every semester, so that students have the opportunity to closely contact industry experts, broaden their horizons, and lay a solid foundation for employment. At the same time, the excellent performance of BHI students has also been unanimously recognized by the leaders of the association at all levels.

As the " Whampoa Military Academy" for cultivating hotel management talents, BHI people, as the pioneers of China's applied undergraduate hotel education, have continuously explored and innovated, and successfully created a must-go path for China's higher vocational education in hotels - "BHI Model", which answers the three core questions of China's higher vocational education: "Who to cultivate, what kind of people to cultivate, and how to cultivate people". BHI people will continue to work hard, overcome various obstacles, and cultivate high-quality talents with good professional ethics, professional qualities and professional skills for the industry.

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