Talented and Versatile, Full of "Artistic" Spirit | We are the BHI Student Art Troupe!

In this warm family, there are nine student groups: Custom rock band, Muse Western band, Qianlai folk band, Mugen modern dance troupe, Hunyuan folk dance troupe, Yangfan choir, Kindling rap group, ONE drama club and the General Affairs Department. They pursue their artistic dreams and practice their artistic ideals in their spare time. Now let's get to know each of the art groups!

1.Custom rock band


Young people should dare to think, dare to fight, and dare to be the first! They stand at the top of BHI rock and show the charm of youth with the courage of a warrior.

2.Muse Western band


The melodious melody plucks the heartstrings of the young

Precipitate the mellow texture of youth

And the rich fragrance one by one

Notes carry the joy and sadness of the past

Bring a grand audio-visual feast to the audience

3.Qianlai folk band


The sound of the phoenix flute is moving, and the jade pot is shining

Its low melody is as quiet as a high mountain and flowing water

The high-pitched and passionate like a galloping war horse

Being in it, like a spring breeze blowing, intoxicated my heart

4.Kindling rap group


With the cool accompaniment

They shouted out their attitude towards life with all their strength

Persistence in dreams

Passionate, burning youth!

5.Hunyuan folk dance troupe


Spin, jump

They dance on every note

From micro expressions to dancing postures and manners, all directly hit the soul

It's heartwarming!

6.Mugen Modern Dance Troupe


Every powerful move

Every passionate soul

All show their passion and charm

Here, they bloom step by step

Water the flowers of youth with love and sweat

7.Yangfan Choir


A trickle of water converges into a sea

Facing the wind of hope

They set sail with full enthusiasm

Sing out their youth and vitality with singing

The wind is just right, just for you to come!

8.ONE Drama Club


There is such a group of people who can do magic

They can make the audience laugh out loud

It can also amaze the audience

They welcome every friend who loves drama

9.General Affairs Department


They are passionate and passionate

Keep inspiring inspiration

Show the style of BHI with responsibility and responsibility

They are the shining banner of BHI

It is also the strong backing of the art troupe

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