BHI Basketball Club: Writing a Magnificent Youth in the Name of Love

From strangers to familiarity, becoming brothers because of basketball

The growth of BHI boys starts here

Today, let's listen together

Those behind the BHI Basketball Club

Stories about youth, about love, and about basketball!


#BHI Basketball Club Development History

  • Founded in June 2013, simulating the NBA league model

  • On October 15, 2013, Vice President Zhang Huailin unveiled the basketball club and announced the official establishment of the basketball club

  • Since its establishment, it has had more than 3,900 members

  • 467 members on campus

  • More than 500 alumni members

  • Among them, 84 men's basketball captains, 84 vice captains; 16 women's basketball captains, 16 vice captains, 100 team general managers, and 196 team managers

  • 19 club presidents, 60 club directors, 60 deputy directors, 198 group leaders

  • 1824 games were held

  • 10 years of 5T photos and video materials are kept

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The club is led, organized, managed and operated by students

Teachers provide supervision and guidance

Establish a good relationship between teachers and students and camaraderie

Let basketball be a bridge of friendship


BHI Basketball Club: Where Passion Meets Development

Behind the scenes of our energetic teams lies a professional management system – the Club Committee. Inspired by the NBA model, the committee oversees the entire basketball club's operations and competition management. This ensures fair and just games, and the smooth running of all events.



We believe in guiding students on the right path, from education to service. We're transforming our coaches from simply running things, to being service providers and mentors. This shift means coaches guide and support, rather than dictate.

The basketball club's structure, operating mechanisms, design thinking, and content all allow for student involvement in self-management and learning. This not only effectively improves students' overall skills and strengths, but also helps them develop those strengths for future careers.


Shifting the Focus: From Teacher-Centred to Student-Centred

Our sports events and organisational management teaching model prioritises students' interests in service and management. We combine scientific guidance from teachers in sports management with a focus on improving students' personal management and service skills. This is achieved through a departmental system within the club's management and teaching structure.



Building Elite Athletes

BHI is committed to cultivating high-quality management talent for the hotel and broader service industry. This philosophy is woven throughout every aspect of the college, and the basketball club actively embodies it.

Developing Well-Rounded Individuals

Through club activities, students strengthen their organisational skills, problem-solving abilities, decision-making, adaptability, and interpersonal communication. These are all essential qualities for future leaders and social elites.


Fostering a Sense of Belonging and Collaboration

The club platform promotes fair competition with a high degree of inclusivity and tolerance. We help students build strong relationships with teachers and fellow students, fostering a sense of belonging and connection with the college.



Basketball: A Bridge for Lifelong Friendships

We've established a dedicated alumni communication platform, creating a space for graduates to stay connected. Basketball acts as a common thread, allowing alumni to strengthen bonds, reconnect with old friends, and reminisce about their days at BHI. The BHI Basketball Club keeps the spirit of youth alive, making basketball a lifelong bridge of friendship.




We believe every teacher and student at BHI holds the basketball club dear. Every night, the gymnasium buzzes with the energy of passionate young players. Sweat and honour intertwine, as love for the game and aspirations for the future collide. They use their youth and energy to etch their own mark on their time at BHI, enriching everyone's campus experience. Because of them, the gymnasium brims with life, and their enthusiasm inspires everyone around them.

No brothers, no basketball! Let's gear up for the new season together, experience the joy of the game, and embrace the spirit of youth!


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