Immersion in the Frontlines of the Industry, Visiting Enterprises to Expand Employment Opportunities | BHI Teachers Visit Guangdong for Research and Visits

In response to the requirements from the Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and relevant leaders and employment officials of various universities to continue the "visiting enterprises to expand employment opportunities" initiative, and to enhance cohesion with enterprises, further expanding internship and employment bases in Guangdong Province, Vice Dean Zhang Huailin, Director of the Internship and Employment Guidance Center, Shi Jingying, and Internship Coordinator Yan Zhimei from Beijing Hospitality Institute recently visited Shenzhen and Guangzhou. They visited internship students and alumni and met with cooperating enterprises.

Visiting cooperating enterprises, they held discussions with interns and alumni.

Shangri-La Hotel in Shenzhen


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During their visit to Shangri-La Hotel in Shenzhen, Zhang Huailin and his team received a warm reception from Zhang Yuanyuan, the Deputy Director of Human Resources at Shangri-La Hotel in Shenzhen. Shi Jingying held discussions with internship students, attentively listening to the challenges they face as newcomers to the workplace and patiently providing guidance. Drawing on exemplary cases of BHI students' internship and employment, she elucidated the crucial role of professional etiquette and competence in the workplace, inspiring students and instilling confidence in their future careers. Shi Jingying also actively communicated with the hotel's human resources department regarding the needs of the students. Zhang Yuanyuan expressed the hotel's strong commitment to nurturing BHI interns, encouraging students to engage actively in exchanges, better integrate into the enterprise, and leverage their talents and professional skills.

640 (1).pngShi Jingying held a discussion with the interns.

Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Zhang Huailin and his team visited the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where they received a warm reception from the hotel's General Manager, Mr. Eric Blomeyer, and Training Director, Liu Miaoyue. Zhang Huailin expressed gratitude on behalf of the institute for the long-standing support and care provided to BHI by the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel, as well as for their nurturing of students. Mr. Eric Blomeyer also expressed high regard for the institute's educational philosophy and BHI students, noting that the professionalism and diligence displayed by BHI students had left a deep impression on them.

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Zhang Huailin and his team held discussions with the interns and alumni working at the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel, gaining insight into their current employment status. They encouraged the students to delve deeper into the hotel industry and expressed that the alma mater will always be their strong support.

640.jpgThey held discussions with the internship students and alumni.

Accompanied by Liu Miaoyue, Shi Jingying and Yan Zhimei visited the hotel's operational areas and staff dormitories, experiencing firsthand the working and living environment of the employees. They highly appreciated the hotel's people-oriented corporate culture.

Visiting alumni to expand cooperation areas.

Upon the recommendation of the 2014 alumni Li Mengya, Shi Jingying and Yan Zhimei visited the De Shi Jia Ophthalmic Medical Center in Shenzhen. The institution has established eight branches in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, and Chengdu. Li Mengya, as a core member involved in the preparation and operational management of the enterprise, has received high praise from the company for her outstanding work ability and professional competence. At the same time, De Shi Jia Ophthalmic Medical Center fully affirmed BHI's educational philosophy and expressed a strong willingness to cooperate with BHI in internship and employment opportunities in the future. Shi Jingying and the head of recruitment in the China region of the company conducted online discussions. It is believed that through the joint efforts of both sides, a high-quality internship and employment platform will be established for BHI students majoring in health services and management, helping them realize their career dreams.

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Shi Jingying and Yan Zhimei met with BHI's 2019 alumni, He Yuhao, at the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel. He Yuhao, as the first BHI management trainee at the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel, joined HSBC Global Banking and Markets in 2023 and is currently serving as the Assistant Vice President of Customer Relationship.

During the meeting, He Yuhao expressed his gratitude to his alma mater and the Guangzhou Mandarin Oriental Hotel. He mentioned that this valuable experience had laid a solid foundation for his career development. With He Yuhao's recommendation, Shi Jingying had an online discussion with the recruitment manager of HSBC Global Banking and Markets. She introduced BHI's educational philosophy and features, while HSBC Global Banking and Markets clarified their recruitment needs. Both parties expressed hopes for successful cooperation, aiming to establish a new internship and employment platform for students majoring in finance and related fields.

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Through this visit to enterprises to expand employment opportunities, BHI teachers gained a deeper understanding of the companies' employment needs, industry challenges, as well as the advantages and concerns of BHI students in their career development. In response to students' difficulties and needs, the institute will communicate with them promptly and provide assistance. In the future, the Internship and Employment Guidance Center will continue to deepen communication and cooperation with enterprises, actively expand internship and employment platforms, and continue to strive to promote high-quality employment opportunities for BHI students.

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